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1989 Sketch Book #4

The Enduring of Suffering

Works for the Enduring of Suffering series were completed within a year and a day. Started on the Celtic festival of Beltaine on 1 May 1993 they are current observations, meditations and reflections via life experience and concern suffering and pain.

Based upon the Roman marble of the 'Dying Gaul' and 'Lindow Bog Man' the Druid Lovernius, Celtic origins, the Roman occupation, the agony and appalling atrocities in modern Bosnia, Africa, South and Central America; the horror for some of village or boardroom, the environment, social torture, that ordinary people are made to endure daily by the Establishment, State or condition.

Nothing human appears to have been learnt in two thousand years. The few dominate the rest, worldwide and in our own community.

Enduring of Suffering is an homage to those who hurt physically or mentally and expect no help or change.

- Douglas Chowns

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